March- Legends and selling out The Cavern

Posted on Apr 12, 2016

Well what a month March was!

In my two and a bit years with Who’s Next I’ve learnt that certain gigs are always ones to look forward to, places that are just are great to play for a number of reasons. Sometimes you can go ages without one of these stand out gigs and then two come along within weeks of each other.

Such was the case with March, which first saw us play on a Sunday night at Great Yarmouth for Legends Of Rock. If you’ve never been and you’re a fan of good rock music, what are you waiting for? Book now for next year!  The event is so well run, with so many great bands to see and this year I decided to roll up on day one and stay the whole four days, a decision I’m very glad I made.  Though I can’t totally remember the set we played on Sunday It was an absolute pleasure to grace the stage and be gifted with such a great audience full of friends as well as people who didn’t know us and might be seeing us for the first time. We are delighted to have been rebooked for next year, so can’t wait for that!

Then hot on the heels of that it was time to play at the legendary Cavern Club in Liverpool where we were performing a special show, our first set made up of early Who tracks and the  R n B covers they started out playing, including a few rare tracks, before a second set of mostly hits and  70s rock anthems. A big thanks to Madcap England who kitted the band out in some very lovely retro threads.

The gig was an absolute blast and afterwards we were informed we had sold the place out and it had been packed to capacity! We were all beyond chuffed and can’t wait to play there again!