March- Legends and selling out The Cavern

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Well what a month March was! In my two and a bit years with Who’s Next I’ve learnt that certain gigs are always ones to look forward to, places that are just are great to play for a number of reasons. Sometimes you can go ages without one of these stand out gigs and then two come along within weeks of each other. Such was the case with March, which first saw us play on a Sunday night at Great Yarmouth for Legends Of Rock. If you’ve never been and...

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Madcap England Clothing

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Hi everyone, I have some exciting news to reveal! I’m very pleased to announce that I am now endorsed by Madcap England! I’ve been wearing their Townshend jacket for quite a while now, but they do all sorts of fantastic mod and 60s clothing. Can’t wait to get my hands on more fantastic apparel. Big thanks to them for joining together with the band! Chck them out Madcap England  ...

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Who’s Next welcomes Rusty!

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After a good few months of relying on the talents of Andy Hughes and Alex Butterfield to fill the role of Keith Moon, Who’s Next are delighted to announce we have found a full time drummer – the amazing Rusty! Provided of course he doesn’t get sick of us after a few hours in the van! We had two great rehearsals with Rusty and are looking forward to the first gig with him in Keighly this Saturday (11th April) Rusty is not only a talented drummer but an...

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Union Jack Jacket

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Hello people, this is Dante here. As you might have seen if you follow the band on Facebook, I have recently added this wonderful piece of apparel to my wardrobe. Yes it’s a Union Jack jacket! I have wanted one of these for ages, and finally found one that looks right from Madcap England. I have to say it’s areally nice cut as well, very mod. I will be rocking this at a few gigs coming up this year. Look forward to seeing you all! Dante.  ...

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